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, and has come to do the same with her. Nancy's eyes widen and she quickly tries to hide the evidence of the test as she says that yes, she's in here - she grabs the stick and the small cardboard box it came in and hides them behind her back, and flushes the toilet. CUT TO an unspecified amount of time later, Frank walks through the door and hears the sounds of shouting coming from the other room. Much like when trying to negotiate with his boss, Frank's weak and cowardly tendencies start to flare up instinctively. When he arrived at the office he learned that they'd gotten him mixed up with another applicant, he was never among their top choices. Frank says of course he's sorry, but it's too late and Kate has already stormed off to the master bedroom leaving Frank alone with Nancy. It took a lot of begging and apologizing but Kate finally decided to forgive him. Kate is livid, though isn't on her daughter's side. He says that he also told Kate that Nancy didn't try to seduce him at all, it was his idea in a moment of weakness. Frank puts on a plain t-shirt and boxers and leaves the room. Frank keeps saying yes, she did, and the important thing now is that they forget about it and move. ...

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