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The Crusaders therefore directed their first course towards Beziers. The young man leaned against the door, and immediately it opened ; he entered first, then the brethren, and then the blessed Dominic. He also made himself thoroughly acquainted with the inconveniences to which they were exposed owing to the jealousy of the royal, ecclesias tical, and university authorities. Breviary of Prouille relates this event in words which are transcribed by Father Percin in his History of the Province of Toulouse. Many days had not elapsed before it was rumoured abroad that the white-robed friar who now appeared in the pulpit of Notre Dame was the same Master Reginald whose reputation as a professor of canon law was. He gave them the Rule. Miserable wretch that I was, I was once obliged to put on my shoes in passing this spot." "Why so?" said the Brother. Above all, he exhorted them to confidence in God, and a great and un- flinching courage, always to prepare for wider fields of labour, and to be ready to serve the Church, in whatever way the' might. Only when it came to the fulfilment of their pledges they had recourse to those shifts and evasions which exhibit them as masters in the art of equivocation. Time for the prosecution of any vigorous measures of govern - y' ment. Was to kneel and pray whenever she came that way, and when the passers-by used to laugh at her for her folly, "Yours is the folly she would reply; "if you knew all that will one day happen. Sixtus at Rome, among AA 402 fervour OF THE saint.

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Wherever he appears it is still as the lover of souls, embracing all men in the arms of his francais gay nu grosse bite pipe immense charity, becoming all things to all men, if by any means he might save some. 4 ' Thus the children. But when the plan for the foundation of the new Order was laid before him, its novelty and the vast- ness of its design startled him. 2O3 the entire observance of that rule of life which was first established. In the same spirit of large-hearted generosity he showed a great love and respect for other religious Orders, among whom perhaps the first place in his affections was held by fche Franciscans and the Cistercians. So also the fasts and abstinences enjoined on Ponce Roger were by no means so much out of proportion to those generally observed by the faithful, as they would be in our own day; and they certainly did not. F 66 peter OF castelnau. It was Ash Wednesday, and Reginald assembling the chapter, addressed the brethren in words of bitter sorrow, whilst they on their part could only answer by their sobs. Many other things were also there ordained which are observed to this day." This extremely meagre account is supplemented by the narrative of Theodoric of Apoldia, who writes as follows : " In this Chapter, presided over by the venerable. Dominic as being present in Milan on the nth of June. Meanwhile, the tide of novices flowed in without abate- ment. The next day, entering a church to pray, he saw the stranger of his vision, dressed in the rough habit of a poor beggar ; it was Francis of Assisi, and recognizing him as his companion and. He was the first of a long line of great men with whom the founder of the Friars Preachers was united in bonds of no common friend- ship, nor was he the least worthy of the number. Dominic returned to Bologna after a few weeks' absence a marked change was visible in his appearance. It seems like a dream to think of days when. The number of friars present at the first Chapter of his Order held by Francis has been carefully preserved ; but no similar reckon- ing was made of the Friars Preachers. " No pathway exists says Pere Lacordaire, " which so faithfully preserves the traces of his footsteps." Day after day for more than six months he climbed down these slopes, and took his road through this valley, passing. Dominic ; neverthe- less many portions of the building belong to his time. Nicholas says Blessed Jordan, ' a large community of brethren who were being carefully trained under the discipline of Reginald. In like manner, while still openly professing adhesion to the Catholic cause, he sent troops to act under the orders of the Count de Foix, who treacherously surprised and massacred a body of German pilgrims, who were. From the roof of the chapel is suspended the ancient bell, believed to be the same which once hung in the hermitage. 7 If such were the qualities of his heart, those of his intellect were not less admirable. Dominic, full of joy and holy confidence, commanded him to assemble the religious in the refectory and distribute to them what he had.

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Daniel, which the Doge Giacomo Tiepolo, beheld in a dream adorned with a multitude of most lovely flowers, blossoming there as in a garden. And that the brethren might devote themselves more entirely to study and preaching, he desired that the unlettered lay-brethren of the Order should have the manage- ment and administration of temporal things ; but the brethren who were clerics. And not to multiply these testimonies, we may conclude with the words of Theodoric, that, "as he could show himself a father in giving correction, so as a mother he could administer the /milk of consolation, for. Still filled the Papal Chair, and the of Lateran formed almost the closing scene of a pontificate I which must be held as one of the greatest ever given to the Church. This plan the saint himself had also long and earnestly cherished, and calling the brethren together in Chapter, he placed the project before them, and desired to know their opinion. C i8 dominic'S first convert. The saint approached him, and asked him what he was reading. Dominic professed in very express terms his belief in the Immaculate Conception. We may content ourselves with the establishment of this fact as sufficient to disprove the theory of the antiquity of the devotion, for manifestly where there was no Hail Mary there could be no Rosary. The judges were chosen equally from both parties ; and the conference was held in the house of Raymund de Durfort, brother to William, and himself an adherent of the Albigenses. I knew one youth who was greatly troubled at having to part with a little dog that he had brought up from puppy hood ; in short, the devil is a skilful artisan and can ply. The monastic silence, the choral office, the charm of regular and community life, all these he had sacrificed at the call of God, in order to wage a hand to hand conflict with vice and unbelief on a foreign soil, and among an ungrateful people. As a fact, the Manicheans Jiad no claim to be regarded as " Christians in any sense. The Legate Arnold, in writing to the Pope, sets it down as little under twenty thousand ; but Peter de Vaulx-Cernay estimates it at seven thousand, a more probable calculation. So gloomy and desolate was this valley that it then bore the title of the Val Tenebreux, and together with the rocks with which it was overhung was inhabited only by wild beasts.

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